Fire barrier doors: which one to choose
1 October 2015

An important construction feature of our fire doors is the use of effective fire-resistant glazing.

Pilkington glass has enjoyed an excellent reputation in international markets for over 30 years, just like our company.

Pilkington offers three extensive product lines, all characterized by high fire-resistance.

The Pilkington Pyrostop® range features an extra-clear glass that guarantees total fire protection which:

  • Forms a barrier against flames, hot gases and smoke;
  • Effectively blocks the transfer of heat to the safe, non-fire side.

The image below shows the levels of radiant heat transmission for the Pilkington product range.

infografica pilkington pyrostop

Pilkington Pyrostop®’s high performance during fire-resistance testing and during real blazes is the result of a sophisticated, well-researched intumescent multilayer technology.

Various layers of glass are laminated with a special transparent, intumescent interlayer.

In the event of fire, the glass first exposed to the flames cracks and the first interlayer starts to react, expanding and becoming opaque, thereby blocking the fire and absorbing its energy.

This process continues progressively layer after layer, guaranteeing the purpose of this product: resistance to an intense fire for an extended period of time.

The glass remains intact, the heat is blocked effectively and resistance to intense fire and smoke is maintained for the entire period of exposure required.

We at Bloxer use the Pilkington Pyrostop® range in most of our fire doors, for example, in our Bloxall Special line 

Safety comes from the quality of the materials used: rely on our experience for your safety.