19 May 2016

Pilkington Pyrostop Total Fire Protection

An important construction feature of our fire doors is the use of effective fire-resistant glazing. Pilkington glass has enjoyed an excellent reputation in international markets for over 30 years, just like our company. Pilkington offers three extensive product lines, all characterized by high fire-resistance. The Pilkington Pyrostop® range features an extra-clear glass that guarantees total fire protection which: Forms a barrier against flames, hot gases and smoke; Effectively blocks the transfer of heat to the safe, non-fire side. The image below shows the levels […]
1 October 2015

Fire barrier doors: which one to choose

Fire barrier doors: which one to choose. There are no types of fire barrier doors that are absolutely better than all the others. Depending on the environment in which they have to be fitted and on the fire revention features that they have to guarantee, there are solutions that are best suited to the buyer’s requirements. Fire safety doors, that is the ones on escape routes and those required by fire prevention systems, must certainly respect the fire prevention regulations in force which describe the […]
1 October 2015

EC marking

The Official Journal of the European Union has recently published the references of European standard EN 16034: “Pedestrian, industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates and opening windows – Product standard, performance characteristics – Fire resistance and/or smoke control characteristics”. The EC marking of fire doors and fire barriers according to EN16034 is possible as from 1 December 2015 with a coexistence period of 3 years. It will be obligatory as from 1 December 2018. Below is an example of EC marking on an internal fire barrier […]
1 October 2015


UCCT is the only national Association in the sector that represents the world of installing and manufacturing technical closures. UCCT organises the event CLOSING & OPENING which is the first event dedicated to the world of doors and its professionals. During CLOSING & OPENING, both visitors and exhibitors can take part in a day of reciprocal discussion on commercial and technical themes. The date is 18 September (from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and the chosen location for the 2015 edition of CLOSING & OPENING is […]
1 October 2015

Bloxer is an AFG Forster Group Company

Here at Bloxer we always strive to do our best and to increase our leadership in the sector of glazed fire doors, since 1 July 2015 we have become a member of the group AFG Forster in Arbon (Switzerland). With this agreement Bloxer Ronchi srl can rely on the commercial value of the “Building Safety” division of FORSTER PROFILSYSTEME AG, and further improve its presence on the international commercial market.
1 October 2015

Conference “The Next Building”, 3 November 2015 in Milan

The Next Building is the first national conference that focusses specifically on how the world of designing, building and restructuring is changing with the new European, national and regional regulations on ZEB buildings, which will go into force in Lombardy on 1st January 2016. The NZEB-Nearly Zero Energy Building revolution has arrived. The way of designing, building and restructuring will never be the same again. Now in Lombardy, where a regional resolution and decree (see news) have anticipated the advent of zero energy buildings to 1 January 2016. Public […]