19 May 2016

Pilkington Pyrostop Total Fire Protection

An important construction feature of our fire doors is the use of effective fire-resistant glazing. Pilkington glass has enjoyed an excellent reputation in international markets for over 30 years, just like our company. Pilkington offers three extensive product lines, all characterized by high fire-resistance. The Pilkington Pyrostop® range features an extra-clear glass that guarantees total fire protection which: Forms a barrier against flames, hot gases and smoke; Effectively blocks the transfer of heat to the safe, non-fire side. The image below shows the levels […]
1 October 2015

Fire barrier doors: which one to choose

Fire barrier doors: which one to choose. There are no types of fire barrier doors that are absolutely better than all the others. Depending on the environment in which they have to be fitted and on the fire revention features that they have to guarantee, there are solutions that are best suited to the buyer’s requirements. Fire safety doors, that is the ones on escape routes and those required by fire prevention systems, must certainly respect the fire prevention regulations in force which describe the […]
10 June 2015

Production of Fire Doors

Production of Fire Doors and Fire Rated Windows Producing windows and doors is a major responsibility for our company, because in this sector it is really vitally important to offer a product that is technological and productive excellence. For this reason, Bloxer is the leader in Italy in the production of fire doors and fire windows, because we work with the purpose of offering a product that guarantees fire resistance at the highest levels, together with an innovative and refined design, to […]