Production of Fire Doors
10 June 2015
Pilkington Pyrostop Total Fire Protection
19 May 2016

Fire barrier doors: which one to choose.

There are no types of fire barrier doors that are absolutely better than all the others. Depending on the environment in which they have to be fitted and on the fire revention features that they have to guarantee, there are solutions that are best suited to the buyer’s requirements.

Fire safety doors, that is the ones on escape routes and those required by fire prevention systems, must certainly respect the fire prevention regulations in force which describe the specific characteristics of the door, but they must also be used and maintained in the envisaged conditions of use (e.g. periodic inspection).

The perfect operation of a fire door (whether hinged or sliding) is the first rule to be respected to keep the fire safety of a building always at the highest standard.

The doors must not be damaged and/or limited in their opening/closing movement, and the gaskets must always be checked during the inspection to guarantee their correct operation in the event of a fire.